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sikwati [sik.wá.ti.] : hot chocolate (n.); trounce e.g. defeat heavily in a contest (v.)

Sikwati Gaming is an online hub for Android and PC game updates, playthroughs, tips & tricks, guides and more.

It was originally a sub-project of the Sikwati collaborative group started by the trio – Kibs, Cris, and Bibs.

In October 2015, Sikwati Gaming became a separate, independent entity as the mother project moves into a new, different (non-gaming) direction.

What the heck is “Sikwati”?

Sikwati is a word from the Cebuano or “Binisaya” (Philippines) dialect which popularly means “hot chocolate”, specifically a calming hot beverage with cocoa powder as the main ingredient.

As a verb, it has become a term that denotes easy beating or pure ownage i.e. massively overwhelming the opponent in a competition.

Why “Sikwati”?

Sikwati Gaming stands on both glosses. We cover games that range from purely relaxing to highly competitive.

We present guides to make PC and Android gaming easy and fun; and provide gameplays and tips to get you introduced to a new game, or be better at your current one.

Where do I start?

We are periodically adding new content to both this website and on your social hubs. Check out the following categories for what’s currently available:

We also have a Youtube channel where we mostly cover gameplays and gaming tips. If you like to receive the latest updates from us, follow us on Google+ and Twitter.

We also have a growing community of gamers at our Facebook group. We’d be happy to welcome you!

For inquiries, please feel free to contact us. Happy gaming!

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