How to install Vainglory for Android via Amazon Appstore (Underground App)

How to install Vainglory for Android via Amazon Appstore (Underground App)

Yes, you read that right!

For some of us whose Android devices aren’t officially supported to play Vainglory (yet?), we can now download the game through the Amazon Appstore’s Underground App.

That also means there’s no more need for manually uninstalling an outdated version and re-installing the game again with a newer version. If there’s a new update, you can simply update the game through the Amazon app — everything with just your phone/device, no need for a computer!

If any of that confused you, no worries. We got you covered with an easy-to-follow tutorial here. Let’s get started! 

Installation Requirements of Vainglory for Android

Before we get started, first things first:

  • Vainglory requires Android 4.4.2 Kitkat or newer. If you’re device is running on a lower Android version (e.g. Jelly Bean), you might want to look into getting it upgraded first. If that’s not possible, it’s time for a new phone or tablet.
  • Make sure you’re connected to the internet. Preferably via WiFi, but data will do as long as your connection is stable both when downloading the game, and playing it.
  • Have at least 25% battery. To be sure, have your charger or powerbank on standby! You don’t want installation to get interrupted.
  • Make sure you remember your Vainglory account login info. If you’re a forgetful one, write it down somewhere you can refer to later.
  • Uninstall your current Vainglory game (if you already have it). 
  • Have at least 2.5 GB of free INTERNAL storage. For this, you might need to uninstall some unused apps or move them to the external storage (SD Card) until you meet the required space.

Tip: If you really need to use external memory (e.g. your internal/phone memory is full), try using FolderMount (rooted devices only) or any other similar internal-to-external memory mapping app.

If all are a-OK, you may proceed with the installation.

Installing Amazon Underground App for Android

1. In your phone browser, go to (tap that link).

2. Look for and tap the “Download Amazon Underground” button. When prompted, just choose “OK”. This will download the Amazon_App.apk (~32 MB) to your device.

3. While waiting for the download to finish, update your phone settings as follows:

  • Go to “Settings > Security” (or “Settings > Applications”, depending on your device).
  • Check/activate or turn on the “Unknown sources” option. If prompted, choose “OK”.

Allow installation of apps from unknown sources

4. After the download has finished, navigate to your “Downloads” folder (or wherever the downloaded file has been saved) and tap on the Amazon App APK file (Amazon_App.apk), the choose “Install” (keep tapping “Next” if it doesn’t show immediately) when prompted.

5. Once the app has been installed, “Open” it to launch.

Amazon underground app installed

6. Sign in with your account, or create one if you don’t have yet.

Amazon app login or signup

Now that you have the Amazon Underground App and your Amazon account set up, you’re ready to download and install the game!

Installing Vainglory for Android

1. Go to (tap that link).

2. Look for and tap the “Get this App” button. If prompted, select to open it in “Amazon” (Always or Just once will do).

Open with amazon app

3. You now have Vainglory on your account. Tap on the “Install” button to download the game on your device.

Downloading vainglory

4. When the game finishes downloading, a prompt will appear. Choose “Install” (keep tapping “Next” if it doesn’t show immediately).

Install vainglory

Tip: Don’t worry if its taking a while. The game’s big, it will really take a while for the installation to finish. Don’t try to open any other app or close the installation screen.

5. Once the installation completes, open the app and allow it to install data. This is going to take a very short while.

Installing data

After data installation completes, a plain black screen may appear (you may hear the game’s intro sound too). Don’t do anything and just wait for it to load into the home screen similar to the one below.

Vainglory home screen

Playing Skye on lane

Congratulations! You now have a self-updating copy of Vainglory on your Android device. 

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If you have questions and concerns, please feel free to drop a comment below. If for some reason you just can’t get the game to install by following this tutorial, you can always do it the manual way.

Happy gaming!

22 thoughts on “How to install Vainglory for Android via Amazon Appstore (Underground App)”

  1. i’ve follow your instruction but amazon say, you are not eligible to purchases due to geographical restrictions, why??

  2. from indonesia. no, not yet. if i try using VPN/Proxy is it works? is indonesia not included in geographical restriction?

      1. Hmm Im sorry sir, i have a same problem about the eligible, and I don’t understand about the VPN thingy.. So can you tell me more about it please? Thank you

  3. what I’ve followed all the instructions but tells me unfortunately vainglory has stopped,please i need help i really want to play this game.

    1. Hi Ican – Have you tried rebooting your device first before trying to re-install the game? Also, make sure you have enough RAM to support the game as well as a good internet connection (preferably via WiFi). Check out our FAQ section for more tips. Thanks!

      1. Hi Biskee, I’m having the same problem, I have an ASUS transformer (I think?) and I have KitKat 4.4.
        I followed all the directions and got the app but when I open it it just shows superevilmegacops for a few seconds then force stops. I tried rebooting and reinstalling but they both didn’t work.

  4. proxy not helping me to download this, i’m in restricted area, and I’m come from indonesia, what you suggest me to do ?

  5. Im using Zen5 2Gb ram. 4.4.2

    I followed the steps here but still “you are not eligible to purchases due to geographical restrictions” shows. I also tried it with SuperVPN (suggest your VPN name, there are too many VPN app).

    Im using chrome as my browser following your steps.

    my location is Dubai, UAE.

  6. I started downloading vainglory and I accidentally switched apps and now it just says downloading without actually downloading or showing any movement after hours.

    1. Did you try redownloading it again without interruption the next time? Mine somehow used to just keep running in the background even if I open other apps while waiting for the download to finish. What is your phone model?

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