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#SikwatiPlays Vainglory #1 – Saw, turtle-slow but deadly

Note: If you were wondering, yes, this gameplay video has no sounds. I unfortunately still can’t find a video capture app on Android that does so. All I’ve found and have used so far only records the microphone, not in-game or system sounds. If you know one, please let me know in the comments. I’d really appreciate it! 🙂

Youtube link: https://youtu.be/-_CvORH7I9s
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Finally, I was able to install Vainglory for Android on my Asus Zenfone 5. If you aren’t yet, check out our tutorial on how to install the game on Android devices (even on unsupported ones).

The devs (thank you guys for this awesome game!) kept stressing that my device is NOT officially supported yet but what the heck, I can’t wait no longer to get my hands on this game.

This is my 2nd game against human opponents (1st game I was also playing Saw – my team won). I’m sorry about the occasional mishaps/mistaps/mistouches resulting in deaths and, well, ally deaths. F’in noob, right? Hahaha. 😀

Hero played: Saw

Offense is the best defense. Escaping is futile.


Saw moves terribly slow, even with basic boots on, but he shoots crazy fast and, if timed well, dishes out ridiculous damage with his skills.

Having the heroic perk Spin Up, his attack speed increases with each basic attack up to 12 stacks at the expense of decreasing his move speed.

The 2nd ability, Suppressing Fire, makes Saw fire a hurricane of hostile-slowing bullets in a set direction for a few seconds, and also grants a full stack of Spin Up.

At full Spin Up stack, you can even use the 3rd and ultimate ability Mad Cannon to rapidly bombard enemies with explosive shells, dealing all-crit splash damage!

Instead of trying to figure out how you can well escape tight situations with this hero, it might be best to utilize your skills really well alongside strategic positioning — hide in the bushes, get behind your own creeps, assist allies, etc.

If the situation gets too hot to handle, there’s always the 1st sick-action move Roadie Run where Saw runs fast in the direction he is facing (great for sprinting away) or towards an enemy and upon contact deals an insane amount of damage based on the target’s missing health (awesome for assist-err-last-hit kills) before rolling backwards to a safe distance while also resetting the Spin Up stack to zero.

Get more detailed info about this hero at vainglorygame.com.

Want this game on your Android phone too? Check out our installation tutorial of Vainglory for Android (even on unsupported devices).

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